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About us

About us

What is Paperbot?

Paperbot was built to help teams stay in the know without feeling overwhelmed. Links shared on Slack often get buried in endless threads. Paperbot collects links from these channels, transforms the most relevant ones into a digest and organize them into a beautiful searchable library.

Brought to you by Skore

Skore exists to empower individuals and groups to reach their highest potential by amplifying their knowledge. We believe the way we learn is changing and, even though we're exposed to information like never before, most of it gets lost in the noise and spontaneous exchanges.

We make technology to optimize knowledge flow

Knowledge flow is the process of capturing a group's knowledge in its simplest form and making it available to everyone who needs it. We offer a model through which that knowledge is understood, expanded and optimized.

More engagement generates more data and thus more insights. Using artificial intelligence, we streamline the knowledge flow of each team and tailor the experience to the individual member's unique challenges.

We are not another place for things to be shared, because we understand that the problem goes far beyond sharing. And we are not a tool to simply measure what teams know either, because we believe that knowledge is only valuable when used with purpose. Our model helps teams make sense of the their own knowledge and take action to make it available to the right people at the right time.

The team

Skore is made of extremely talented people with the most diverse backgrounds, working around the clock, across the globe, to help teams achieve their goals.

The team